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  • Hand crafted jewelry for a truly personalized ring

    Your bespoke engagement ring

Would you like to have fine personalized jewelry?

Maybe you already have a specific design in mind, or maybe you simply have a few ideas. Together we will discuss the design according to your vision and wishes.

During a consultation session, I will guide you through the different options for your bespoke ring. This includes the material, the stone and finish. I will share with you a design based on this, providing you the opportunity to be involve in each step of the process.

Make an appointment at our workshop in the Wittevrouwen neighborhood in Utrecht, or book an online consultation.

  • From your wishes to unique rings

    Wedding bands



According to your wishes, I will design your new jewelry.


Sizing a ring up or down, soldering a chain, changing a clasp...

Old to new

Using the materials of your old jewelry, and transforming them into a new one!


To put a price on a custom made piece of jewelry several criteria's are taken into account:

  • the metal

  • the weight

  • the stone(s)

  • the time

  • the complexity

After a consultation session, I will then draw some sketches.
Each unique design comes with an estimation of the final price. The final quote will be realized once a design has been chosen.

Hannah Goozee
Hannah Goozee
Arthur is amazing and so is his jewelry. My partner secretly designed an engagement ring with Arthur and I absolutely love it (Leandro posted a photo below). We then designed our wedding bands with him as well. It was so great to be involved in the process. Arthur made it a very special experience.
Leandro Chiarini
Leandro Chiarini
Ordered both an engagement ring and a pair of wedding bands here. Very happy with the result, Arthur was very helpful, walked me through all the possible options and delivered a great final product.
Kaspars B
Kaspars B
When I decided to propose to my gf I was looking for a jeweler whose designs I would like, and stumbled upon Arthur. When my gf and I went to his workshop, my she didn't know she is going there to design her engagement ring (we first agreed with Arthur that it would be ok) so from the moment she entered he was able to guide her and advise on what (and how) can be done. There are two specific things that are worth mentioning: 1. Arthur is very patient and good with asking questions to find out the best ring design (and was very responsive throughout the whole process) 2. Personally, Arthur also reminded me that i appreciate jewelry and that there is more to it than just the standard copy/paste designs we see in every jewelry/designer store. It feels like i've found a lost enjoyment for jewelry from two decades ago (if that makes sense?) 10/10 would recommend
Laura Mintandjian
Laura Mintandjian
Arthur has designed the most beautiful and custom-made ring for me. It was a very pleasant experience, where he listened to my ideas and turned them into what I had in mind - but much better! Thanks Arthur!

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