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About me

About Arthur

"I love using my hands to create"

Patience & Practice

Arthur Abeillé is a French goldsmith and jewelry designer. Classically trained in Belgium and currently working in the Netherlands in the workshop of Hans Van Der Leen in Utrecht.

He works with all precious metals, ranging from gold and silver to copper and titanium. He has an eye for smooth forms such as the art nouveau style from the early 20th century, as well as more modern and rectangular shapes since Arthur is originally a blacksmith and industrial metalworker.

Handcrafted jewelry

The jewelry pieces are produced and/or finished in our workshop in Utrecht. I can create your jewelry by using

  • Precious metal

  • Wax

  • 3D drawing

The workshop

We are several goldsmiths working at the workshop of Hans van der Leen

It is a shared space where Hans has learners coming three days per week, with three shifts per day of two hours each. The workshop is full of creation, inspiration and innovation given all those people coming there with different backgrounds, skills, and styles.

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