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Silver flat round earrings

Silver earrings

A replica from the originals.

These cute earrings were ordered as a replica of the ones owned by the client. The originals are in brass and silver plated, the new ones are in silver.

This assignment was pretty easy, though the closing system for the earposts was the first one of this kind for me. After sawing out the shape of the earrings and smooth all the angles and edges, I have drilled two holes of 1mm each for the ear post and the closing system.

Then I have draw the wire until 0.95mm, shape part of it for the earposts and cut two pieces for the closing system. I was afraid that after the soldering it would anneal the wire too much but not at all. So after having soldered the two straight wire, I've just curled the tip and bended them up.

Last polishing and voilà!

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