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Princess ring proto

Princess ring

The beginning

Here I am, finally starting to work on this assignment.

Now this one here is the prototype. I often make one when I get to make something I've never done before, here the setting. It is a tough one as it has to be very precise and symmetric.


princess setting test 1
ova shapes
princess setting test 2

So how I have made it. To be able to see clearly the lines I always like to colour the metal where I want to draw. And thanks to the drawing tool, drawing oval is super easy. I have sketched several one on paper before in order to know how many diamonds and what sizes these diamonds would be, and after that on the laptop to be more precise, and play with the differences of size between 1.8 - 1.9 - 2.0 mm. It seems negligible but with this size, you might have too much space between the stones or just not enough and the proportion of the setting is not good anymore.

You can see the lines of different ovals. on the first test (left picture) it was 9x7 and 11x9. On the second test (right picture) it was 8x6 and 10x8. Then I trace the two opposite small gems, and using a compass the center of all the other diamonds evenly divided (it took several tries to get the right measurement). Once every stones were drawn, it was the turn of the prongs, 58 prongs in total, also drawn with the compass.

princess setting test 1
princess setting test 2
princess setting test 2

The size of the stones are:
- Sapphire 9x7mm
- Diamonds D1,9mm

After drilling all the holes, I have curved the setting. That is when I have discovered that when the exact measurements are drawn flat, they expand a bit after curving... You can see it on the left picture (first test), the main stone is in between the prongs instead of being on top of them. That is why I have made the second test smaller. The stone is held in between the prongs which later will be prepared to set the stone.


That is all for now, more to come next week ;)

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