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Tag : pendant

Frog opals 2

So yesterday I’ve finished these two projects with the frogs Where I left them last time, I have just made the setting of the frogs. Since I’ve put the ear posts and jumprings on the pendant. Now for the earrings it was a bit tricky having already the prongs soldered. It went well thanks to the different grades of soldering material and to the ‘stop heat’ paste. I mention the different grades because without them it would be impossible to […]

Frog opals

Thanks to a customer, I am able to work with these beauties! These special cut opals will become a pair of earrings and a pendant, everything in 14ct gold, recycled from old jewelry pieces. Firstly, melt everything, that’s one of my favorite part in the process of recycling gold and silver. Seeing the transformation from solid to liquid, and liquid gold is beautiful.Secondly, from the newly melted gold, I’ve made a plate of 0.8mm from which I’ve drawn the frog shape […]