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Engagement rings

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Choosing a custom engagement ring for your partner is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life. With a bespoke engagement ring you can mark that special moment with a unique piece of fine jewelry that is laced with personal sentiment and captures the essence of your love story.

I enjoy working collaboratively with my clients and take pride in crafting a truly unique ring that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Exploration consultation

During the initial consultation, together we will explore your design preferences and aesthetics. I will guide you through the different types of materials and styles that will achieve your vision. Do you desire silver or gold, a brilliant cut stone or a custom sapphire engagement ring? Whatever your vision, I will throw my heart and passion into my craft to fulfill your wishes.

I will also share my signature collection of rings which display a variety of design styles that may help spark your imagination for your bespoke piece.

Design process

Based on our first session, I will create a series of sketches and provide you with the opportunity during a second consultation to discuss the unique details of each design. As well as gaining your feedback, the second meeting also provides the opportunity to select the specific materials and gemstones in accordance with your budget and time considerations.

Before crafting the ring, I can also provide you with a 3D design or a wax model of your ring, allowing you to try it before it is made.

I will provide you with photos and videos of your bespoke engagement ring being crafted, from initial sketches to finished product.

Halo ring
Discover a collection of customizable engagement rings
Solitaire ring
Discover a collection of customizable engagement rings
Row setting ring
Discover a collection of customizable engagement rings
Flush ring
Discover a collection of customizable engagement rings
cluster ring
Discover a collection of customizable engagement rings
Faux tension ring
Discover a collection of customizable engagement rings

Types of metal

Available metal to choose from are:
- Yellow gold 14 and 18 carat
- White gold 14 and 18 carat
- Rose gold 14 and 18 carat
- Silver 925

Note that the difference in the carat makes a difference in the strength of the metal, its colour, and price. A ring may also be made using two or more different materials. For example a combination of white gold for the shank, a yellow gold setting with a sapphire, makes the stone 'pop' more.

Types of stones

Diamonds, sapphires and rubies are the traditional stones for custom engagement rings. However, there are a variety of stones that can be used as substitutes, or to suit your personal preference.
Diamonds and the corundum's (family of the sapphires and rubies) are the most popular types of stones as they have a great resistance to abrasion.
But with different type of settings, other stones can be well protected.

Types of finishes

Different types of finishes can play a big role in the overall aesthetic of your ring. The mot common finish on a custom engagement ring is a high polish.

Other common styles of finishes include:
- Satin: embibes an atmosphere of timeless elegance. It creates a matte finish that is soft to the touch and is non-reflective. The marks of the tool create a unique character.
- Hammered: adds a unique textured element to your ring, and is popular amongst men. Different-sized hammers and shapes can achieve different textures. The final result can be either unpolished or polished.
- Polished: the classic engagement ring finish is smooth and conveys a sens of glamour. It has a highly reflective surface, which compliments stones with high luster.

If you are after a different finish, I am happy to accommodate your wishes as I am skilled at a variety of technics.

Some examples of bespoke engagement rings

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