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Ring sizes chart

Here is a ring chart with different scales of measuring a ring. You can find these measurements on a 'ring stick' where you slide your ring over, and where the ring stop there is your size. From the left to the right:

  • Inside diameter (mm): it is the diameter of the inside of the ring.
  • EU (circumference in mm): it is a common way of knowing the circumference of the inside of the ring. That way if the band has to be re-made, by looking at the size of the ring on the ring stick,  goldsmith knows how much material to use for the fabrication of a new shank.
  • NL: sizes used in The Netherlands
  • USA: sizes used in the United States of America
  • UK: sizes used in the United Kingdom

If you want to make a surprise to someone by offering a ring, measure the inside diameter of a ring that belongs to this person and see if it matches a size in this ring chart. If not choose one size bigger on the ring chart, that way you are sure that the ring will go around the knuckles. If then the ring is too large, it is possible to size it down. To make sure that you are satisfied, I offer a free sizing for a ring that you buy in my shop within a one year duration. If you have already used the free sizing, then you will be charge for the service. If you are not sure of the size of the ring, you can always go by your local jeweler/goldsmith to have it measure.

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